The Hogan Brothers
Jim and Jay Hogan, Hogan Brothers Coffee

We were founded in 1996 by two brothers, Jay and Jim Hogan, who share a passion for great coffees.

What we created over 27 years ago others have been trying to replicate.

Our business concept was formulated in the fall of 1994 and throughout the summer of 1995 – at a time when micro roasting coffee was in its infancy in the New England area. There was a large field of coffee roasters who went about the business of roasting coffee in the same way that it had been done for decades. We set out to change that as we believed that we could attract a new kind of customer – You.

Hogan Brothers Coffee

Our vision was to change the future and we're proud to be among the first Roasters who helped create the coffee roasting culture that exists in New England today. We set ourselves apart from all others by selecting, hand crafting and roasting coffees that were custom tailored to a new breed of coffee consumer. We began handcrafting and roasting specialty coffees on a Probat L12 roaster in a small café in the fall of 1995.

Customers were encouraged to participate in selecting beans, blends and roast profiles, which spawned a company committed to innovate, choose and satisfy our customer’s taste requirements. During this period, we created dozens of new coffees that were designed, test-roasted, tasted and given 9 out of 10 ratings by the customers who were influential in their creation. We’re both proud and humbled that nearly all of these coffees remain top selling items nearly 27 years after their creation.

 As a result of this focus, we have become a company whose mission continues to focus on you, the customer, who demands excellence and diversity in the products you purchase. We pride ourselves on the quality of our coffees, our dedication to the Micro Roasting process (small batches), quality control, and our commitment to our customers.

Hogan Brothers Coffee

In January 1997, we expanded our wholesale division and secured manufacturing space in Webster, Massachusetts. We remained in that location until March of 2001 when increased demand necessitated our second relocation to our current roasting facility in Framingham, Massachusetts.

To this day we still collaborate with our customers to create unique roasts, blends and high-quality varietals that exceed everyone’s expectations. Please call us if you’re looking for that really delicious and unusual coffee to set you apart from the competition. We can source and have in our existing inventory limitless coffee types which include our Traditional coffees, Fair Trade Certified Organic coffees, Varietals, Exotics, Decafs, SWP Decafs, Organic Fair Trade Certified SWP Decafs, Flavors, Proprietary Blends, Espressos and Decaf Flavors.


Our Mission
• To roast world-class coffee one small batch at a time.
• To custom blend our beans to suit you taste.
• To search the globe for high quality coffee grown by farmers we know and respect.
• To be recognized as a citizen of the world contributing to the advancement of Universal Human Rights and environmental protection.
• To align our business operations and community service with partners and customers we admire for their integrity and commitment to advancing civil society - one cup at a time.
• To make our customers happy 100% of the time.