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    The Coffee Brewer
    Hogan Brothers Coffee

    There are many styles to consider. The most common is the autodrip method. Just as the name states the water is poured over the grounds and allowed to drip into the carafe.

    Hogan Brothers Coffee Espresso

    The next is the Percolator, prior to the autodrip maker, this was the most popular among consumers and still is used today. This method is unique, and it involves the continuous cycling of the boiling brew through the grounds, using gravity, until the required strength is reached.

    Many coffee connoisseurs have moved to the Espresso Machine after experiencing this generally thicker and concentrated coffee at their local coffee shop. The three dispersed phases in espresso are what make this beverage unique. The first dispersed phase is an emulsion of oil droplets. The second phase is suspended solids, while the third is the layer of gas bubbles or foam.

    Hogan Brother Coffee French Press
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    For those who are true coffee addicts and love the process, the French Press is for you. It ideally steeps the coffee grounds and heated water inside a beaker. Once the process of steeping is done, the mesh filter is slowly pressed downwards to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid part of the coffee that is then poured in your coffee cup. This mesh filter allows the essential oils and acids in the coffee grounds to flow to the coffee cup, making your coffee thick and robust in taste.

    Hogan Brothers Coffee Hario Pour Over method

    Lastly, is the Pour Over Funnel method. The water is slowly poured over the coffee grounds and allowed to seep into the coffee pot below. This method is similar to the autodrip method.


    Water Quality & Temperature

    Water is the most voluminous ingredient in your cup of coffee.

    Hogan Brothers Coffee

    Did you know that your coffee is at least ninety-eight percent water and the remainder of what’s in your cup represents dissolved solids coffee that has been transformed from a solid into a liquid?

    The water you use should taste good and have no detectable odors or visible impurities.

    The temperature at which you brew your coffee must be heated is a minimum of 194.8 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum of 204.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It has been scientifically proven that water temperature in the above specified range will best extract coffees aromatics and soluble materials which are responsible for coffees wonderful characteristics (aroma, flavor, body and liveliness). Click here for industry standards.


    Coffee to Water Ratio

    FACT: *Strength range references of 2.75 to 4.25 0z. Coffee per 64 fluid Ounces of water are indicated below

    3.25 to 3.75 oz. of coffee are the ratios the vast majority of our customers prefer their coffee brewed.


    The chart above details the statistical baselines for proper coffee brewing as set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Following this example will enable you to brew to proper protocol regardless of the volume of brewed coffee desired. Remember, always maintain the Proper Brewing Ratio per your taste requirements to achieve consistency brew after brew.


    Match Grind to Brewer
    Hogan Brothers Coffee grind profiles