How to Store Your Coffee.
New Coffee Storage Protocols.

Coffees enemies are air, moisture, odors, heat, light and time.




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Can you freeze your coffee?

What causes freezer burn and how can it impact your coffee?

How long does coffee stay fresh?


New widely publicized protocols have been researched thoroughly by industry actors and are being promoted by many coffee professionals including HBCR

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The new protocols suggest that the best way to store coffee is to freeze it immediately after you buy it. It has been scientifically proven that this will stop the staling process immediately. Note: This doesn’t mean that the coffee will taste as good as the day you bought it indefinitely.

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If you simply can’t store your coffee in the freezer, the only other option is to store it in a cool dry place, and preferably in an airtight container. And yes, it’s ok to keep it in the bag it came in, squeeze out all the air and place it inside an air-tight container. Like so many other industry professional we do not recommend storing your coffee in the refrigerator under any circumstances as it may fall prey to a host of odors and aromas that will surely spoil the flavor.

Note: Most home storage containers still permit a small amount of oxygen to creep in which may facilitate freezer burn. Freezer burn will cause the flavor to depreciate.

Reports we receive back from our customers is that the majority of them are still very happy with their flavor and taste of their coffee even at or after one month when they follow the above suggestions.