Trading fairly with small-scale coffee farmers.

We are committed to Fair Trade and transparency of business transactions. Our direct relationships with farmers pay the farmers some of the highest wages in the industry ensuring the sustainability of their lives and your supply of the best coffees available.

Customer Reviews

Thanks Jim & Jay, The UPS driver loves you guys. The coffee gives his truck a great smell - he saves your package until the end of the day.
Dear Hogan's, You guys are so great. You have no idea how wonderful your coffee is.
Jim- Thanks for the great coffee! We all look forward to coming to work now and we have had many positive comments. It's a great change for the office.
Hi Jim- Just wanted to thank you so much for the coffee. It was outstanding. I loved the Deja Brew and I can see why everyone else does too!
I only drink Hogan Brothers coffee - and I am seriously in love with Thunder Mountain and its derivatives. By the way, my UPS driver loves your coffee in his/her truck, as does my mail-person. I suspect that the days when I’m getting a 10-pound shipment from Hogan Brothers I’m at the end of the route just to keep the driver smiling longer.

Find Out How 2

Find out How 2 brew, grind and store your favorite Hogan Brothers Coffee!

How To Make Our Cold Brew

Things you will need: A pitcher or bucket which will hold at least one gallon of water, one pound of Hogan Brothers Proprietary Cold Brew Coffee, a large fine mesh strainer or colander, cheesecloth, and 2 quarts of cold, clean water.