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Hogan Brothers Coffee Roasters has been in the coffee business since 1996.

Since that time we have focused only on coffee and coffee equipment. We believe that if you are going to be the best you can be at anything it requires focus. Coffee is our only focus. Besides some of the other things that you would expect such as shirts, mugs  and other coffee related items
What We Sell
we also sell, service and install a full complement of Bunn Coffee Brewing, Storing, Serving and Grinding equipment.
We offer three levels of espresso machines and grinders to fit every budget. Additionally, we will source, procure and sell any type of coffee machine for ten percent over our dealer cost whether you are a new or existing customer. Think you got a good price from someone else, give us a call, maybe we can make your day.
We offer packaging options in twelve ounce, twelve ounce six packs, one pound, two pound, five pound, twenty-five pound, and one hundred pound sizes. Call for attractive pricing on
your favorite coffee in generic packages. Interested in private labeling, give us a call. We can also customize the imprinting
on your coffee labels for special occasions, such as Joe's Joe
or anything else that you want.
We've also managed and run a successful cafe and we're well tuned into all aspects of start up and expanding these types of businesses. Jim also spent the better part of his life prior to co-founding Hogan Brothers Coffee in the Financial and Accounting Industries and is well versed in assisting you with any financially related administrative or expansion concerns. Additionally, Jim has had extensive experience in both managing, marketing and growing many types of businesses.
Because we truly believe in partnering and fair trade, Hogan Brothers Coffee's aim is to create a joint venture business model that goes beyond the established Fair Trade industry practices. A model demonstrating that cooperative business creates more wealth for every worker, while lowing costs to consumers at point of sale.