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At the heart of our R&D and Customer Service programs is our Quality Control. Jay Hogan who is also the company's Roast Master. "Toasty" as we like to call him is a fanatic about quality control. Prior to his co-founding the company with brother Jim, he was in charge of the quality control and reliability divisions of numerous high tech industrial and aerospace hardware companies.
Quality Control at Hogan Brothers
For almost two decades now we have been recording and
logging all roasting data and ever perfecting our systems and procedures. As with any food or beverage each item must be carefully prepared to an exact standard and we take great pride in roasting consistently great coffees to exceed the requirements of our customers.

We accomplish this objective through combining statistical data (Roaster Curve Profiles) with consumer taste preference and consumption demographics. We have carefully mapped and monitored batch sizes, roasting times, temperature curves,
roast progression, as well as color and aroma development
throughout the entire roasting process. It is because of
these skillfully honed and documented unique systems and practices that we can guarantee that once we understand what you want we can easily deliver it to you time after time.
Each coffee must be ground and brewed to perfection to unleash Mother Natures taste bounty it must first be roasted to perfection. Jay has mastered the art of producing the same distinctive roast profile roast after roast after manual roast.
Not only can he remember more zip codes than the local postmaster he can also recall the specific roast times, roast profiles and 2nd crack timelines for all of the coffees that we roast. In a company where absolutely everything is done "Artisan style" that's a lot of data to remember.