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Our Packaging
Jay and I are both New Englanders and like most New England  
"Yankee" types we are true to those who are true to us.
At Hogan Brothers Coffee Roaster we ascribe to the same
principles by endeavoring to use:

1. A package that is safe for consumer use and results in
zero unsafe pollutants being introduced into the earth,
water, or air.

2. A package that results in zero net loss of any one of
the earth's non-renewable resources from the time the
first raw material is produced to the time of its last use
and disposal.

3. A package that after its use and disposal is designed
to decompose quickly into safe and natural components.

4. A package that provides some benefit to people and
can be sold in current market conditions.

We source and deliver all of our coffees in PBI's Quad Seal-
High Barrier and Medium barrier Compostable Paper Bags.
The compostable bag has proven to bio-degrade within 12
days in tests conducted at PBI.
Sustainable Packaging PBI
Definition- if a product is manufactured
from a renewable resource but in the
process the earth is left with a permanent
deficit unpayable by the next generation,
that process is not sustainable. Similarly,
if a product is manufactured in a way
that does not negatively affect the earth,
but is significantly more expensive than
existing products,history proves the product will not be used by
those who have the freedom to afford it and it will be
inaccessible to the majority of the inhabitants of the earth.
Creating products that won't be used or can't be used will not
help sustain the earth.

For more information on sustainable packaging please refer to
the following articles: "Sustainability and Packaging" and
"Technical Bulletin: Sustainable Packaging" at
Along the pathway we took to arrive at this
point we ve had the good fortune to run into
some pretty terrific people. One of those
people is Mark Howley, the President of Pacific
Bag in Woodinville Washington. I loved Mark
from the moment I first met him not only
because of his down to earth Pennsylvania
rooted personality but also for his genuine
nature, his sincerity and his attitude toward
his customers.
Even as a tiny little coffee roaster trying to get off the ground Mark
and his team which includes Glen Saco, Kyle Knott and others
treated us like royalty. For any other Coffee Roasters or packagers
who happen upon this comment, do yourself and your business a
favor and call the folks at Pacific Bag. Your customers will thank