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We were founded in 1996, by two brothers. Jay and Jim Hogan,
who share a passion for excellent coffees.

Back then there were far fewer Micro Roasters than there are
today. During this timeframe the Micro Roasting of coffee was
really in its infancy in the New England area.

There was a very large field of Coffee Roasters who went
About Hogan Brothers
We pride ourselves on the quality of our coffees, our dedication
to the Micro Roasting process (small batches) and our
commitment to our customers.

Our new web site will feature countless tidbits of information
about the coffee industry as well as videos which will help you
learn more about the journey we have taken into the Art of
Roasting Perfection. Watch the site evolve into the benchmark
for information in the industry. Visit the site regularly for links to
events, specials, and promotions.

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We opted to set ourselves apart from all others by selecting,
hand crafting and roasting coffees that were custom tailored to
a new breed of coffee consumer. What we have become as a
result of this focus is a company whose mission continues to
focus on you the customer who demands excellence in the
products you purchase.
about the business of roasting coffee in
the same way that it had been done for

Our vision was to change all of that and
we're proud to be among the few early
players who helped fashion the coffee
roasting culture that exists in New
England today.