Holiday Gift Set Private Stock Decaf
This holiday gift set includes One, 1 Pound Bag of Holiday Blend, Thunder Mountain, Colombian Supremo, and Private Stock Decaf.

This coffee's name gives you a clue as to what it tastes like. This is a new specialty blend that will immediately delight your senses. Its rich French Roast, South American and Indonesian coffees create an assertive, robust flavor that will capture your attention 'WARNING' this is not a wimpy coffee! So don't drink this unless you have mountains to climb, deals to make or worlds to conquer.

One of the few original coffees sold all over the world under its own name. Grown and produced along the foothills of the Andes, this coffee deserves its reputation for quality and flavor. Rich and balanced with a slightly nutty taste.

Another wonderful Hogan Brothers decaf creation. Another great way to fool your friends. We blend decaf coffees from both South American and Indonesian beans.

This coffee is the cousin to our #1 Selling coffee of all time and sure to be a coffee that people will talk about for holidays to come. This proprietary HBCR creation is an artisanal blend of African, Indonesian and South American beans.